Office Space

In the past two weeks I worked around 50 hours of overtime in an office space that was less than thrilling. To be honest it was downright depressing and has been that way since I started my job a little over a year ago when they had just moved into a new office space. The work continued to pile up and decorating/organizing fell by the wayside. With all this extra time I was spending in such a bland space, I decided to take it upon myself to mix things up! Design is my life damnit!

My budget was somewhat limited since this was to come out of my own pocket but I feel what I accomplished will suffice for now. What follows are my purchases from this past weekend for my area of the office.


From top left: IKEA Stockholm Rand Rug – IKEA, Torchiere Floor Lamp – Target, Fejka faux potted plants in a Socker steel pot – IKEA and Horizontal Organizers – Target.


From top left: Vintage Construction Book Set, Iron Table Lamps – Target, Vintage Framed Building Blueprints and Hyllis Stainless Steel Shelving Unit – IKEA.


The books have yet to be purchased but are next on my list! Everyone was surprised to see some decor in the office this morning and I hope to have encouraged some to bring some life to the office themselves! Plus working under the lamps rather than the horrid fluorescent lighting is a blessing beyond words!

Damn, I wish THIS kind of designing was my job!! (No offense roofing buddies!)


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