I recently visited the Barneys CO-OP here in Austin to say hi to a couple of awesome people I met through my stunning friend Jessica. We chatted for a bit and then upon suggestion I headed over to the jewelry display cases to see all the new goodies. DAMN, those were some badass goodies!! My jaw literally dropped! I wanted just about every piece sitting in front of me and that NEVER happens! I would have to sell an arm AND a leg to be able to afford most of these but a girl can dream!

Feast your eyes below…


I love wearing elaborate jewelry and what can I say… Fallon kicks ass!! The designs are every bit daring and sexy! The pieces are oversized showstoppers that will surely make you the center of attention. OBSESSED with the Labyrinth pieces. They will add a punch to any outfit!

Etten Eller

I am a HUGE history buff and fell in love with this designer even more after reading more about the inspiration behind the jewelry line. The designer identifies each piece with a date significant to the designer. Some dates are ones that changed history while others are personal dates of importance. Either way, I love the thought of wearing a piece of jewelry that embodies the importance of a date in history, personal or world-changing.


This jewelry line is absolutely gorgeous on display. There is an eclectic feel to their pieces and I just love the materials used. These are just a few pieces I am fond of at Barneys but the designers’ website showcases their many other creations that are just delicious!


Lately I have developed an ancient Greek and Roman obsession. I have always been enthralled by the subject but as of late I just can’t get enough and find myself basing many of my designs around that era. Aesa is an ancient Greek word meaning destiny. The designer, Randi Mates, used primeval Greek and Roman techniques paired with modern twists to blend different types of metals and stones. I just adore the craftsmanship.


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