Case Study.

There was once a time where I thought I would never finish my architecture design studios. I could not wait for them to be over. It was just one class right after another. It was exhausting. There were countless all-nighters, harsh critiques, snobby people and trips to the ER to get stitches for an X-Acto knife accident. However, I have begun to forget the unpleasant times and have come to miss the process of research and design. One of my favorite studios was based primarily on case studies. We took buildings and houses and dissected them down to their very basic elements. I studied the function and form of the spaces, the site, the features, the materials and everything little detail that contrived the project. There were a series of Case Study House Experiments done from 1945-1966 here in the U.S. Not all of the assignments came from that series, which actually helped push my studies further trying to anatomize each project without prior assessments. I have done case studies on my own since then when I find a building/house that strikes my fancy! I find it keeps the mind fresh.

Thinking back, I believe this studio sparked my TRUE passion in architecture and design. It brought my creative side to life. I have become a tab obsessed with case studies and wish I had more time to devote to them. While wandering around the world wide web, I found some awesome knick knacks that would compliment my love for case studies!! I thought I would share…

Eames House Blocks: $175 / House Industries
Inpired By: Eames House (Case Study House No. 8) / Designed by: Charles and Ray Eames


LEGO Architecture: Farnsworth House / LEGO
Inspired by: Farnsworth House / Designed by: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


Carpenter Pencils / International Arrivals + Delete Key Eraser / DCI Products


Living Architecture / By: Dominique Browning + Lucy Gilmour


Case Study Houses / By: Elizabeth Smith


I do have a sketch book with all of my sketches + notes from my case studies that I will try and post soon. Maybe one of these days I will find myself back in a studio… Who knows??


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