Back in Time Getaway.

I am in SERIOUS need of a vacation! I read an article today that has me vying for a getaway to Palm Springs, CA to stay for a week or so. I would HAVE to fly into John Wayne Airport, which I am fascinated with. Also, my Dad is from Long Beach, CA so I could swing by his ol’ stomping grounds as well! But while in Palm Springs, I would of course need a badass place to rest my head at night. So why settle for a hotel when I can stay at Frank Sinatra’s old estate?? FUCK YES! I have adored this mid-century modern home for years! The Twin Palms Estate was built by architect Stewart Williams for Frank Sinatra in 1947 where he lived until 1957 when he sold the estate and moved.

I can only dream of the parties, recording sessions, Hollywood royalty and passionate affairs/fights these walls witnessed! I adore Frank and am IN LOVE with the Golden Age of Hollywood. Staying here would be like stepping back in time. The decor is true to the original design while amenities are modern and up-to-date. I would love to get all architectural on your ass but this would become a tedious and long post that would better fit my case study series. In short, the lines of the structure, views, plan layout, piano-shaped pool, and pure sensuality are a few reasons this place has continued to captivate me.

If I ever make it out to Palm Springs, you can bet your ass I will be staying here, even at $2,600/night! Who’s with me??

Wanna get away?? Make a reservation.


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