Inspiration Wednesday.

I have always been a lover of art. I studied it in college (a lot). I go to any and all museums I can. I appreciate “most” of what I come across. Ha! Art by definition has no definition. To me, if something creates ANY type of emotion within me, I consider it art. So yes, in my eyes, it is somewhat biased. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… right?

So one of my goals I have had for a while now is to actually purchase “real” art. Most of every frame currently adorning my walls is vintage this and vintage that. Even though I love my vintage, I am really wanting to obtain some work by actually artists. Whether it be a local artist here in Austin or a centuries old artist from who knows where. I can’t really afford to throw my whole paycheck at this, so after some shopping around I came across 20×200. Here, I can get get my hands on some for as low as 20 BUCKS. Sure, some of it is unknown and some of it is fucking weird but I was surprised by how many prints evoked an emotion from me. And now I feel the need to go play photographer. (I need to get myself a “real” camera though first!) Anyway, here are some of the prints that hit a note with me, some more personal than others.

Flying, Ships and Selling

Hugo (Library)

Praia Piquinia 04/08/07

Passage, Levens Hall

Day 256 – Vintage Airline Tags

Central Park South

Train Yard




West Forty-third Street

Now I just need more wall space!


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