Spartacus reminds me…

I took a chance watching a TV show called Spartacus one day after a recommendation by my sister. It was raw, brutal, masculine and raunchy as hell. I freaking LOVED IT! I was unable to watch it on STARZ so I got the season DVDs and basically had a marathon and finished it in a matter of days. I especially loved the lead actor Andy Whitfield, who portrayed Spartacus. He was endearing, sexy, brooding, and damn his character was layered!

Whitfield was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma eighteen months ago while he was getting ready to start the second season of the show. However, yesterday he lost that battle and it is just damn sad. I had read that he was not going to be starring in the second season, which is due out on DVD tomorrow, but I held out hope that he would fully recover and return at some point. I rarely appreciate relatively unknowns in the tv/film industry, as it has become so saturated and am partial to the Golden Age of Hollywood, but Whitfield was badass and I totally bought what he was selling. He battled gallantly through the sickness though and seems to have inspired more than he probably knew.

It is just so sad how someone can be taken so quickly. My Uncle Bill was taken from us in half that time from cancer and while he is no longer suffering, I can’t help but feel cheated out of time. But I guess that is my selfishness shining through. Just proven once again that life is unpredictable. Spend time with the ones you love and live life. You just never know.


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