Do you have a business card?

Lately I have been getting quite a bit of new freelance design work, more than expected, and it is truly a breath of fresh air! My 8 to 5 job is awesome and I love the design work it includes but taking on different projects is helping me stay on my toes. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed and wish I could hire an assistant or CAD tech to help me out! This has got me thinking though. Could I possibly be productive enough to start a real side business or even my own company one day? Yeah, that is a little far-fetched for me to even wrap my head around at this point. I am still working my way up!

So even though I may not be ready to take on my own company and start hiring help, I do think it would be beneficial to design my own personal business cards since people keep asking me for one. Earlier this year, Refinery29 had a post showcasing NYC’s Coolest Business Cards. And then earlier this month I stumbled across a post on DesignModo depicting 50 Fresh Letterpress Business Cards. After all of these, I need my own!

Now, where do I start??


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