Inspired by: Autumn Memories

I can’t help but be thankful for the lower temps forecasted in the upcoming days. (And when I say lower, I mean a high in the mid 90s rather than our ongoing THREE digit weather!) The mornings are becoming a bit brisker as September sets in and inspiration is coming at me in every direction. I love the cooler air and everything that comes with it! For me, it starts as soon as our county fair rolls around. Something in the air changes and I just can’t get enough of it! This weather IS my childhood. Oddly enough, almost every memory I have is set in this autumn-type atmosphere whether it was the correct season for the memory or not.

One of my favorite things was driving up thru east Texas to visit my great-grandmother, who we call but simply Grandmother. She was a badass to say the least. She passed away almost a year ago and this fall will be my first to not see her in all my 26 years which actually did not even come to light until I just wrote this sentence.


She had an affinity for amazing shoes and fantastic jewelry. I would always make sure I had a kickass pair of heels to show her! So it’s no surprise that cool brisk air, tall pine trees, open pastures and a little fashion creates my happy place. It’s like when certain smells can take you back to a certain time… but in reverse. I can just close my eyes and imagine all of the above and can immediately smell her homemade chicken and dumplings!


Well a few days ago, I got an email from SHOPBOP with a Fall 2011 | Trend Report entitled “Nordic Studies.” I opened the lookbook only to find outfits so right I could almost smell those dang chicken and dumplings. Even though the trend report is title “Nordic Studies” I can’t help but feel this would be perfect for a fall trip to Lufkin. I just know my great-grandmother would adore it!

Even though my great-grandmother is not with us anymore, I will not let her down come this fall when it is time to dress-up for festivities. Miss you. xx



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