Urban Wednesday

At some point I subscribed to email updates from Urban Outfitters. While I like some of their stuff, I usually just dump the email in the trash and go about my day. This morning I got another update from them and checked it for garbage as I usually do. I trashed all checked emails. My inbox refreshed only to find the UO email sitting back at NO. 1 in my inbox. Weird. So I figured I better check it out since it was SO adamant about sticking around. It was title “Wall to Wall” and intrigued me enough to go check out the rest on their site. I was surprised how many little knick-knacks caught my eye. My style is not as quirky as most of the stuff but I found a jewel here and there. So I gathered my TOP 10 and thought I’d share. Happy Hump Day!!

ONE – Zigzag Printed Rug 5’x7′ | $69
TWO – Palmograph Framed Poster | $32
THREE – Draper Media Console | $249
FOUR – Phone Keys Wallet Rug 2’x3′ | $18
FIVE – That’s What She Said By Justin Wishne & Bryan Nicolas | $13
SIX – Marquee Arrow Light | $199
SEVEN – Elephant Bank | $12
EIGHT – Madeline Chair | $349
NINE – I’m Outdoorsy Pint Glass | 2 for $10
TEN – 100 Ideas That Changed Architecture By Richard Weston | $30


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