For Want of a Boot

I have been bookmarking boots for the past 2 months like a crazy person. I just can’t get enough and have acquired quite the wish list for Fall footwear. If only I had the luxury of spending mucho dinero so that I could obtain my wish list! My FULL list contains more than 30 pairs (ridiculous!) but for this post I narrowed it down to a manageable 21 pairs. Every pair has its own personality and reason for being on the list. Donations are welcome :)


2 thoughts on “For Want of a Boot

  1. Good picks, I’ve got the madewell archive boots in dark brown and the fiorentini and baker motorcycle boots 7040 in brown, I keep buying damn brown boots and need to get some black ones!

    • I am pretty sure I developed my love for the Archive boot from you a couple years ago! It’s funny now looking at this post because I want to replace some with better ones I have found!! p.s. I need black boots too!!

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