FIVE of a Kind

I admit that I can be a slave to brands/labels. I try not to be, honest! Clearly, I would love to own top of the line, but I can’t exactly support that kind of lifestyle. Plus, sometimes it gets to me spending all this money when I can get something just as close for a fraction of the cost. (Be wary though.. you get what you pay for!)

I have been doing quite a bit of online shoe shopping lately and I starting seeing double…triple… There were slight variations from one shoe to the next but when you line them up it was hard to remember who came from where. Take these black peep-toe wedge booties for example. There are slight variations between the shoes (and sometimes the photography can give it away) but they pretty much all make the same statement, right? Why would I pay $800 for a statement that I could make with $30?? (Yes, I am aware of better materials and construction with the higher-end labels but damn!) This is too close of a call.

Can you sort out the hierarchy of this group??

[Hover over the images below to reveal label + price.]


One thought on “FIVE of a Kind

  1. I agree, definitely a rip off, no amount of slave labour cost cutting, higher grade fabrics or durable construction could justify the price difference there. I’m not even going to try and put them in price order lol, I find that’s easier with mens shoes than womens.

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