A Kitchen Dream

When I come across a space that I love, I usually know in that first instance because my stomach jumps. Sometimes it can jump prematurely and after further inspection of the space I actually learn that I hate it. And very rarely do I come across a space that inspires no jump whatsoever but I end up loving it. It’s a hit-or-miss system I’ve got going on here but it works 98% of the time, in my opinion anyway!

Well my stomach jumped when I came across this kitchen by a design firm in Chicago called Kitchen Lab. To me, one of the most important spaces in a home is the kitchen. I have so many inspiration photos for my dream kitchen and trying to fit everything I like/want into one is a chore. This one came pretty dang close though with the dark island against white cabinetry, white countertops, subway tiles(even over the hood!), Tolix stools, pendant lighting and paneled windows. I could move into this kitchen and have very little to change. I would get rid of the patterned backing inside the upper cabinets and then pop off those glass cabinet doors and have open shelving. I would probably replace the drawer hardware and get a stainless steel sink too. So yeah, there would be a few more tweaks here and there to fit my own personal preferences but I really like the base elements going on here. Ch-check it out!


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