This week..

Ever have one of those weeks where NO matter what you do you just can’t get it right.

Examples from my week…
I needed to get to a Halloween store but no matter which turn I took I inevitably ended up at a one-way street that took me in the opposite direction. (I had my GPS going too..) At one point I had a visual but I just could not find the road to get me there. FORTY minutes later I pull into the damn parking lot, walk into the store and find they no longer had what I needed in stock.

I receive my long awaited package in the mail… all banged up and awesome!

I am in an ALMOST bitter dispute with my apartment complex because my refrigerator will not seal properly and they are unable to correct the situation. They have been out to my apartment to “fix it” THREE times in the past month. I made a fourth trip to the office on Monday because it is still not right. For as much as I pay and as calm and cooperative as I have been, they should be out there ASAP to fix this! I am paying for a constant running refrigerator and they seem to have no regard for customer service! They are about to wake a sleeping beast let me tell ya!

I have also been the ULTIMATE klutz this week. Nearly everything I pick up I drop and if there is a chance something can get caught on something else it does. I have had a hard time typing and using CAD this week because my brain has just NOT functioning! (I apologize for bad grammar and/or misspellings in this post.) I have caught myself saying, “Come on Amanda! GET IT TOGETHER!!” out loud more than once this week and my co-workers probably think I am insane. Very few have conversed with me.. Hmm..

And for the cherry on top… I had a principal architect from another firm contact my boss stating that I had refused to put something together and that our company was NOT honoring our commitment to do the work. I about came out of my skin! I have a lot of pride when it comes to my work and this was like a punch in the face. My words somehow got twisted or misconstrued down the road. It was eventually all worked out but my pride is still a bit bruised.

So yeah it has just been one of those weeks where it has just one thing after another… But Thursday night came to the rescue and turned my week around!

Every year my friend and I get together for our annual pumpkin carving extravaganza! We have been doing it for 7 years and this was our 6th Annual!! (We missed one year while she was living in New York doing the modeling thing..) Crazy how time flies! Her chef of a boyfriend cooked us an badass dinner, we dressed up the dogs, carved our pumpkins and watched game SIX of the World Series. It definitely made up for the rest of my crappy week!

Now I just can’t wait for this weekend to get started already! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! xx


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