The Tree House

I don’t think I was ever one of those kids that dreamed of a treehouse. We didn’t have any large enough trees for that sort of thing. We had A LOT of bamboo and banana trees in my backyard that my sister and I turned into mini-cities, forests or anything we really need it to be including an area sectioned off for our “house.” Thinking about it now, it was not THAT large of a ‘forest’ but to my younger self it was never-ending. It was awesome and quite hilarious.

So even though my kid-self did not desire a house off the ground, my adult-self apparently does! I really think I need a design like this included somewhere on my future property. Maybe for my future kids OR mainly for the adults.. HA! I love how the legitimacy of the structure is played off with an almost “just found this stuff lying around” interior… i.e. mason jar lighting, tree stumps as stools, antler chandelier on a rope hanging from an ol’ pulley, exposed stud wall, and what I would assume to be found ladders and reclaimed wood. I appreciate that because when we were little it was just whatever we could find to add to our natural abode. They apparently had more chic places to look for found stuff than we did in our garage/backyard! However, I do feel like there was a bit of a standard though as to what crap we would and would not use. We wanted our digs to look nice too! Oh, the memories!!

Spotted here by way of here.


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