New Inspiration for the Boudoir

I have never stayed in an apartment/house as long as the one I currently reside at since I moved away to college back in 2003. (I moved 8 times in 4 years!) It’s been almost two years at my current abode and I am getting a bit stir crazy. I really want some new surroundings but moving is such a pain and even though I really want to make renovations on a house of my very own, I really don’t want to get into that up here in Austin. I would rather wait until I move back to Houston for a more permanent situation, even though the one I am in seems pretty solid for now. So I shall make the best of it and settle for style changes instead. I really want to get after my bedroom because it seems to be a little incomplete but it’s headed in the right direction. My goal is a bit of a mix of the photos below which may seem ridiculous but I think I can make it work! Black(black/brown), white, grey and gold! Mix in some leather, fur, a bit of natural wood and a chandelier and I think that does it. I can at least start gathering the pieces for when I eventually get my house in Houston! …now I just want to curl up in bed!!

I love the canopy bed, white bedding, all the molding and the herringbone floor. {found at SOM}

The leather, black lamps, bold typographic pillows and grey bedding next to a camel colored side table are amazing! {Badgley Mischka Home via Elle Decor}

My bedroom would not be complete without GOLD frames, super dark wood against a warmer wood and a statement making fireplace! {I want to say this is Ralph Lauren. I saved the photo as just ‘gold frames’ HA!}

Again.. gold frames, white/grey linens, black accents and add a chandelier. I also like the creation of the ‘headboard’ using the grey table and added accents for varied height. I dig the antlers too! {from greige}

I love my faux fur throws! Add it to white/grey linens on a super dark framed bed with a chandelier adding a lovely glow and it’s pretty damn perfect. {from greige}


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