WOW! I can’t believe how long it has been since I have blogged. Work has picked up a bit, which is a good thing, but takes away from my creative juices. I have been just running back and forth between Austin and Houston and spending more precious time with my dear friends and family. Time has just gotten away from me. Also, I have been lacking inspiration a bit due to my stress levels being higher than normal lately. So here are just a few random insights into my past few weeks of running around.

texas renaissance festival. one of my favorite things.

my awesome kitty, Indy [Indiana Jones], hanging out at my parents’ house.

baking my co-worker’s german chocolate birthday cake. think I need to get a REAL mixer already.

racing for the cure in downtown Austin w/ courtney + laurel. yeah, I’m short.

as I head out the door to work. too lazy to get out of bed to say bye.

a REAL buck hanging out in front of a friend’s house. apparently it’s a common occurrence. unreal.

my new favorite drink. obsessed.

a Sunday brunch downtown. loved this! outlet shopping afterwards was tough after all the awesome food + tasty mimosas. good thing we are badasses!

occupy Austin. so tired of this. go away already!

storm rollin’ in on my way back to Houston.

homemade pizza by courtney + myself before the VS fashion show. our six year tradition.

now time for a nap.



2 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. I dont mind you blogging less when it’s meant I’ve gotten to spend real life time with you–and yes indeed, we–my dear–are badasses. But I’ve loved seeing you more lately, let’s keep it up.

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