Birthday Shout-Out

Today is my very dear friend’s birthday and I unfortunately missed the festivities this weekend back in Houston. So to make up for my absence I am sending a special shout-out!

We met for the first time our freshman year in high school (’99). I ate lunch at her table but rarely spoke. Ha! Once I got to know her and the others, I couldn’t stop talking and we all became the best of friends. We had our ups and downs but damn if we didn’t have a good time.

College rolled around and we ended up in different cities. While we made new friends, we kept in touch and saw each other every once in a while. After we all graduated from college, we all began moving back to the Houston area and we finally found ourselves back in the same city! We got to hang out more and it was awesome! It didn’t last long though because I ended up having to Austin for work.

Soon after I made the move, she got engaged to her love, Steven. She asked me to be a part of her wedding and from then on it was just like the ol’ days… except a 2.5 hour drive to see one another, not using a clothes iron to straighten our hair, having cocktails more than chocolate milk and yet still being as snarky as ever! After all these years and all the people who have come into my life and left, she has been a constant, even when it was months between conversations. You just don’t find badass friends like this everyday!!

You are an amazing, thoughtful, and exceptional friend to me and one of the most original, inspired and beautiful people I know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!! LOVE YOU! xx


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