I was having a quick sandwich at my desk and popped on over to 20×200 where these prints immediately caught my eye, yet again! I have always been drawn to Eadweard Muybridge’s Animal Locomotion and after a more careful look I really began to become attached to these guys and felt the need to share! I just really like the feel of these and it’s like they were meant to be on my walls.

I am quite fond of the elephant (DUH!), the man with the hat and the horse. I like the exotic cat too. I am rather torn though and am not sure which one(s) to purchase. I need to decide quickly because these limited edition prints are almost SOLD OUT!!


2 thoughts on “LOCOMOTION

    • I haven’t ordered any of the prints yet either! There seems to be quite a few still available so I’ll probably just end up waiting a bit longer until I HAVE to place an order before they’re gone. HA! (Plus, I still can’t decide..)

      I feel so dang special with my very own Liebster Blog Award! Thank you!! I never win.. well anything really and it totally made my DAY! I love that you dig 17sixteen because I totally dig idkmybffjes!!

      xx Amanda

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