First things first… My name is Amanda and I’m a single, twenty-something makin’ it on my own. I was born and raised (and currently reside) in the great state of TEXAS. I’m a travel fanatic even though I don’t get on a plane as much as I would like, which has so far been limited in the Northwest hemisphere. (I hope to remedy this soon!) I graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Minor in Art + Architectural History from Texas A&M and am currently looking at grad schools so I can finally get that pesky M. Arch out of the way after being in the commercial design field for 3 years…

I have developed quite an affinity for historical preservation / restoration and would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my workin’ days doing just that. I also have a love affair with baking. I guess if I had a shop it would be design/restoration/antiques coupled with a bakery so you could shop for badass furnishings while enjoying amazing fresh baked goodies! Maybe one of these days..

Let’s see… what else…

I love throwing dinner parties.
My favorite materials are wood/leather/metal/cotton/jute.
I have a badass cat named Indiana Jones that actually acts more like a dog.
Hope to one day have an English Bulldog too.
Nothing beats a GOOD hamburger!
I prefer dark beer.
Design is pretty much always on my mind and I always carry a Sharpie with me.
I should’ve been born in the 30s so I could experience the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.
I find war interesting and am secretly somewhat of a historian.
I enjoy fishing.
GOOD movies are my go-to happy place and I have too many to count.
I dress mainly in jeans and neutrals with my shoes stealing the show.
I have a tiny obsession with elephants.
Chocolate is a daily occurrence.
And above all, my family and friends are everything to me.

This blog is for pure enjoyment and to help keep me sane since my 9-to-5 design job is not as creative as I need it to be.


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