I am a forever fan of RAY-BAN. Shoot, my parents have worn their classic frames ever since I can remember. Now, I am obsessing over RAY-BAN’S NEVER HIDE CAMPAIGN! Seriously, this campaign set up for their 75th anniversary is just badass. These ads show people celebrating who they are throughout past decades while not giving a shit what everyone around them thinks and I am just LOVING IT! Like a moth to a flame… I almost want to frame these bad boys.


Man Cave

Ever since I started looking for a new place, I have been debating on whether or not to add another room to the floor plan. I have guests every once in awhile but not as much to where I really “need” a guest room. [I am out of town on the weekends more than I stay in town.] Although… maybe if I had a guest room, my apartment might be more viable choice for visiting folks.

I also want my own studio/work space. I’m an architect-in-training but I also like designing shoes and other crap so it would be really helpful to have a whole room JUST for that too! Hmmm, I might just have to join the two ideas.

My thinking couch could double as the guest bed. I would ideally like to have a desk AND a drafting table but that would fill a room quick! [I would use a desk more but I love the nostalgia of the drafting table.] I love floor-to-ceiling shelving, dark paint, wood, metal and leather. I sort of want it to feel like a “Man Cave”… like a modern industrial studio meets 1920-30s British library sort of Man Cave. Or I could just give Roman & Williams a call and have them do the whole damn thing for me!



All photos are Roman & Williams




Kensington Leather Chair – Restoration Hardware

Hand-Knotted Baluchi Tribal Rug – Three Potato Four

Pipe Shelving – The Brick House

1920s Drafting Table – Restoration Hardware

Toledo Stool – 1stdibs

Who wants to visit now?!

Unexpected Findings

Sometimes I have a really hard time focusing when searching the interweb. I start in search of outdoor furniture and somewhere along all the clicks I end up reading a hip/hop blog. I guess that is my love/hate relationship with the internet. Although today, my final destination did not fall far from my initial search of wood flooring. I am still not sure how I ended up at Dinesen but I am glad I did. Not only do I dig the wide plank floors (my original search), I totally love the rooms they occupy. Some of the spaces are just a tad TOO white for my taste, but it’s almost like a blank canvas in my mind and I want to fill it with all my favorite things!

Just look at all those lovely lines.

You can live and party all in the same space!! Open floor plan For The Win!

Incorporating some of my favorite older world charm.

Panton S chairs at a long dining table make for great conversation.

Obsessed with this space and want it for my studio.

I just bought a vintage marble chess set at auction for my coffee table and my name starts with an ‘A’. Coincidence?

I’m a Rolling Stone and I really want to paint these walls black.

All photos from Dinesen

My Ideal

When I come across a home that holds a few of my favorite design elements I get happy. When I come across a home that is pretty close as a whole to my aesthetic I get excited. When I come across a home that looks + feels as if I was the one who designed the whole damn thing I get effin’ psyched!! Well today I am effin’ psyched!! This home belongs to Jenna Lyons, J.Crew president and creative director. Knowing this, I would expect nothing but for me to fall completely in love with this place! I mean, I am verging on obsessed here! I don’t think I have ever come across a place that relates everything I want in my own home as much as this place does. It is a mix of my loves for neutral, natural, modern, vintage/historical with a touch of glam. It’s like I have these ideas and then all of a sudden I just saw them come to life! (i.e. the collection of antlers, for starters) So basically what I am telling you is that this place is my ideal in almost every way. (I have listed a few of my favorite things below..)

black doors against a lovely historic white facade

black doors and white walls/ceiling mirrored in the banister and railings

gold framing + badass chandelier + fur + leather + natural wood + open floor plan

collection of antlers + long table + fireplace + phenomenal lighting + dark floors + plaster cornices

perfect for the morning

dark island against white surroundings + exposed ductwork + open shelving

black walls (I credit this to J.Define where I saw them first) + white bed + fireplace + natural light + TV (for real!)

crazy awesome archway + chevron(herringbone) flooring + concrete wall (I think..)

shoe/clothing show off + fireplace + lighting + antlers

linear + neutral + natural buffering

gorgeous landscape + concrete walk pads + simple stair + herringbone brick

tolix chairs/stools + structural oversized lattice-work + horizontal paneled fence


Materialistic Tuesday

I am having one of those days where I want to buy everything!! (BIG thanks to Madewell!) I think it may be because I have a few rather LARGE purchases in the next few months and therefore have no extra moola to throw around. This happens every time I go into ‘save-save-save’ mode!

My Materialistic Tuesday…

In God We Trust – Sweet Nothing Necklace | $40
The British Stable | $75
Madewell – Curio Cocktail Ring | $22
Arnsdorf SS11 Crystal Pattern iPhone Case | $35
Hunter – Original Wellingtons | $125
Jonathan Adler – Ambien + Xanax Canister | $28 EA.
Madewell – Furry Earmuffs | $40
Madewell – Winter Tale Scarf | $58
Madewell – Wraparound Cape Scarf | $88
Madewell – Plaid Genteman Scarf | $50
Serena & Lily – Tan Moroccan Leather Pouf | $450
Bose – SoundDock Portable Digital Music System | $400
Jonathan Adler – Letter Pillow | $110
Pendleton Blanket | $275
Restoration Hardware – Exposition Quad-Loop Filament Bulb | $15
Spartan – Field Notes Pocket Notebook | $9
Madewell – Dents Driving Gloves | $75
Madewell – The Leather Transport Tote | $148

Bose | Jonathan Adler | Spartan | Hunter | Madewell
Restoration Hardware | In God We Trust | Serena & Lily

New Inspiration for the Boudoir

I have never stayed in an apartment/house as long as the one I currently reside at since I moved away to college back in 2003. (I moved 8 times in 4 years!) It’s been almost two years at my current abode and I am getting a bit stir crazy. I really want some new surroundings but moving is such a pain and even though I really want to make renovations on a house of my very own, I really don’t want to get into that up here in Austin. I would rather wait until I move back to Houston for a more permanent situation, even though the one I am in seems pretty solid for now. So I shall make the best of it and settle for style changes instead. I really want to get after my bedroom because it seems to be a little incomplete but it’s headed in the right direction. My goal is a bit of a mix of the photos below which may seem ridiculous but I think I can make it work! Black(black/brown), white, grey and gold! Mix in some leather, fur, a bit of natural wood and a chandelier and I think that does it. I can at least start gathering the pieces for when I eventually get my house in Houston! …now I just want to curl up in bed!!

I love the canopy bed, white bedding, all the molding and the herringbone floor. {found at SOM}

The leather, black lamps, bold typographic pillows and grey bedding next to a camel colored side table are amazing! {Badgley Mischka Home via Elle Decor}

My bedroom would not be complete without GOLD frames, super dark wood against a warmer wood and a statement making fireplace! {I want to say this is Ralph Lauren. I saved the photo as just ‘gold frames’ HA!}

Again.. gold frames, white/grey linens, black accents and add a chandelier. I also like the creation of the ‘headboard’ using the grey table and added accents for varied height. I dig the antlers too! {from greige}

I love my faux fur throws! Add it to white/grey linens on a super dark framed bed with a chandelier adding a lovely glow and it’s pretty damn perfect. {from greige}

The Tree House

I don’t think I was ever one of those kids that dreamed of a treehouse. We didn’t have any large enough trees for that sort of thing. We had A LOT of bamboo and banana trees in my backyard that my sister and I turned into mini-cities, forests or anything we really need it to be including an area sectioned off for our “house.” Thinking about it now, it was not THAT large of a ‘forest’ but to my younger self it was never-ending. It was awesome and quite hilarious.

So even though my kid-self did not desire a house off the ground, my adult-self apparently does! I really think I need a design like this included somewhere on my future property. Maybe for my future kids OR mainly for the adults.. HA! I love how the legitimacy of the structure is played off with an almost “just found this stuff lying around” interior… i.e. mason jar lighting, tree stumps as stools, antler chandelier on a rope hanging from an ol’ pulley, exposed stud wall, and what I would assume to be found ladders and reclaimed wood. I appreciate that because when we were little it was just whatever we could find to add to our natural abode. They apparently had more chic places to look for found stuff than we did in our garage/backyard! However, I do feel like there was a bit of a standard though as to what crap we would and would not use. We wanted our digs to look nice too! Oh, the memories!!

Spotted here by way of here.