Concrete Clutch

From Ivanka Design Studio… The Concrete Clutch!

It is no secret that concrete is one of my FAVORITE materials. Now I can carry it around with me?! So badass. Sure I have some reservations (weight, durability…) but I think I need to have one of these! Price range from €245 – €345 (roughly $365 – $475) What a conversation starter!! HA!

BY WAY OF Design Milk


Polish My Concrete

I love a nice and clean concrete floor; so you can bet your ass I will have some sort of concrete floor in my future home. The style is TBD but I can’t freaking wait! If I decide to build, I might even get them heated.. Oh the possibilities!

Concrete Floor {Source Unknown}

Casa Cristian Biehl by Daniel Rojo Arquitecto {Chile}

Union Lofts by Wisznia Architecture + Development {New Orleans}

AIA Homes Tour Showcase by Cornerstone Group Architects {Austin}

Katz Residence by Gregory Katz {South Africa}

Silvertree Residence by Secrest Architecture {Arizona}