Spring Retreat

So you know how you feel after the holidays.. exhausted, full of oh-so-good-but-bad-for-you food and mostly ready to get back to your daily routine? For me, all the traveling around seeing family and friends and going to parties and get togethers for 2 months can get a bit overwhelming and after the first of the year passes I am ready to get back to work, get some structure back in my day, have ‘normal’ eating habits and basically just stay put for one second! Well now that the end of February is almost here, I feel like I have caught my breath and wish I had a place like all the following photos combined to retreat to for an “Adult Spring Break”! [yeah sounds kinda scandalous, I know, but it’s not! I promise…] Anyway, I came across m. elle design via desire to inspire and damn if I didn’t fall head over heels. Each room has its own personality but inevitably answers to an overall design aesthetic that I adore. I just think it’s all rather brilliant! Perfect for a spring retreat!



As I have mentioned many times, I love a good dinner party. Delicious food and drink mixed with loved family and friends makes for my FAVORITE time ever. With the weather being somewhat warmer yet quite enjoyable this season, it had me dreaming of dining al fresco. The window of opportunity here in Texas for dining outdoors is short as the cold seems to turn directly into HOT! So you have to be on your toes and prepared to get the party started! Of course I would need a back yard (or a boat!) to pull these off, but one can dream! Some of them are actually rather romantic which seems fitting for this national day of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!

via pinterest

My Ideal

When I come across a home that holds a few of my favorite design elements I get happy. When I come across a home that is pretty close as a whole to my aesthetic I get excited. When I come across a home that looks + feels as if I was the one who designed the whole damn thing I get effin’ psyched!! Well today I am effin’ psyched!! This home belongs to Jenna Lyons, J.Crew president and creative director. Knowing this, I would expect nothing but for me to fall completely in love with this place! I mean, I am verging on obsessed here! I don’t think I have ever come across a place that relates everything I want in my own home as much as this place does. It is a mix of my loves for neutral, natural, modern, vintage/historical with a touch of glam. It’s like I have these ideas and then all of a sudden I just saw them come to life! (i.e. the collection of antlers, for starters) So basically what I am telling you is that this place is my ideal in almost every way. (I have listed a few of my favorite things below..)

black doors against a lovely historic white facade

black doors and white walls/ceiling mirrored in the banister and railings

gold framing + badass chandelier + fur + leather + natural wood + open floor plan

collection of antlers + long table + fireplace + phenomenal lighting + dark floors + plaster cornices

perfect for the morning

dark island against white surroundings + exposed ductwork + open shelving

black walls (I credit this to J.Define where I saw them first) + white bed + fireplace + natural light + TV (for real!)

crazy awesome archway + chevron(herringbone) flooring + concrete wall (I think..)

shoe/clothing show off + fireplace + lighting + antlers

linear + neutral + natural buffering

gorgeous landscape + concrete walk pads + simple stair + herringbone brick

tolix chairs/stools + structural oversized lattice-work + horizontal paneled fence


A Kitchen Dream

When I come across a space that I love, I usually know in that first instance because my stomach jumps. Sometimes it can jump prematurely and after further inspection of the space I actually learn that I hate it. And very rarely do I come across a space that inspires no jump whatsoever but I end up loving it. It’s a hit-or-miss system I’ve got going on here but it works 98% of the time, in my opinion anyway!

Well my stomach jumped when I came across this kitchen by a design firm in Chicago called Kitchen Lab. To me, one of the most important spaces in a home is the kitchen. I have so many inspiration photos for my dream kitchen and trying to fit everything I like/want into one is a chore. This one came pretty dang close though with the dark island against white cabinetry, white countertops, subway tiles(even over the hood!), Tolix stools, pendant lighting and paneled windows. I could move into this kitchen and have very little to change. I would get rid of the patterned backing inside the upper cabinets and then pop off those glass cabinet doors and have open shelving. I would probably replace the drawer hardware and get a stainless steel sink too. So yeah, there would be a few more tweaks here and there to fit my own personal preferences but I really like the base elements going on here. Ch-check it out!

The Great Gatsby.

Oh Mr. Luhrmann, how I adore thee!

There are very few directors that I fawn over and it’s London to a brick that Mr. Baz Lurhmann is my absolute favorite. His directorial style is everything that I look for in a movie from the script down to every minute detail. He is a corker of a director!

I first fell for his directorial style in his 1996 movie, Romeo + Juliet. I loved absolutely everything about it! I was hooked.

“For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”

His next film was Moulin Rouge! There are no words to describe my feelings for this film. I saw it multiple times in the theatre with my friends in high school. I know the sound track by heart.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

In 2008 his latest film debuted, Austrlia. This was an epic, EPIC movie! Every shot was beyond amazing! Abolutely gorgeous… Hugh Jackman wasn’t bad either! HA!

“I sing you to me.”


I am now in deep anticipation waiting for his next project…


The book itself is one of my favorite reads. Now Mr. Lurhman has taken on the project and I cannot even imagine the level he will take this too. He has cast Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan. Tobey McGuire will play Nick Carraway and it is rumored that Ben Affleck will play Tom Buchanan. There has been debate on his casting choices but I have full faith in his decisions. (I will watch Leo anytime — He is brilliant!) The release of this film cannot come soon enough. There are not many details available as they are in pre-production now. AH! I can’t fucking WAIT!!