I am a forever fan of RAY-BAN. Shoot, my parents have worn their classic frames ever since I can remember. Now, I am obsessing over RAY-BAN’S NEVER HIDE CAMPAIGN! Seriously, this campaign set up for their 75th anniversary is just badass. These ads show people celebrating who they are throughout past decades while not giving a shit what everyone around them thinks and I am just LOVING IT! Like a moth to a flame… I almost want to frame these bad boys.


Coco Chanel

Back in 2009 I made a trip to New York to stay with a friend and one night we went to the Paris Theater to see Coco Before Chanel. I freaking ADORED this movie and everything about it. It just created a deeper interest in Coco and her history. So it’s no surprise that when The Coveteur did a piece on the apartment of Coco Chanel, I was ALL over it! I just find it so interesting to see how different people, whether they be icons or not, lived and the spaces they created for themselves. Mademoiselle Chanel definitely created a glamorous space and it was very interesting to see all the little nuances throughout the apartment. Pretty cool… Now I think I’ll go snuggle up on my couch and re-watch Coco Before Chanel.



I have 6 fragrances that mark certain periods in my life.. (Abercromie 8 – (beginning of high school), RL Romance (end of high school), Chanel Chance(freshman year – college), Eau de Cartier (sophomore year – college), D&G Light Blue (junior/senior years – college), and for the past couple years – D&G The One. They each trigger small flash backs from the times I wore them; it’s crazy! I have been looking for a new fragrance since I feel I am in a new place in my life and I think I might just have found it.

I have been obsessed with this one commercial for DIOR J’ADORE since it first aired. If I am in the other room and I hear the music come on, I rush into the next room to watch it! Ha! It has just captured me I guess. There is this old world feel to it and it is just mesmerizing. I tend to sway in the direction of oriental/floral and I know this scent has been around but after seeing this commercial and how freaking gorgeous Charlize Theron is and all the hustle and bustle and gold and glam and vintage beauty appearances (Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe)… I mean come on!

A Christmas Outfit

So this weekend I am off with the family for a Christmas-reunion-type thing out in glorious East Texas. This side of my family is kind of large, a few under 60 people. With any family that size there can be some drama. I won’t dive into the deep, dark secrets [I could write a book…] but there will be a new face or two and the absence of others. Unfortunately the one GREAT absence this year with be my great-grandmother. She passed away earlier this year and this will be my first Christmas, out of all my 26 years, not to celebrate with her. [I wrote a post about this not to long ago, I know…] It just isn’t going to be the same, especially since some of the drama is extra juicy this year! My great-grandmother loved fashion and I definitely need an badass outfit to showcase my superiority enjoy the festivities in… [if you knew the gossip you would not think of me as the bitch I am coming off as!] Soo with that.. here is my Christmas ’11 look. [I know it seems a little all over the place but it just goes to show where my mind is at with all this and the holidays! HAHA!]

Materialistic Tuesday

I am having one of those days where I want to buy everything!! (BIG thanks to Madewell!) I think it may be because I have a few rather LARGE purchases in the next few months and therefore have no extra moola to throw around. This happens every time I go into ‘save-save-save’ mode!

My Materialistic Tuesday…

In God We Trust – Sweet Nothing Necklace | $40
The British Stable | $75
Madewell – Curio Cocktail Ring | $22
Arnsdorf SS11 Crystal Pattern iPhone Case | $35
Hunter – Original Wellingtons | $125
Jonathan Adler – Ambien + Xanax Canister | $28 EA.
Madewell – Furry Earmuffs | $40
Madewell – Winter Tale Scarf | $58
Madewell – Wraparound Cape Scarf | $88
Madewell – Plaid Genteman Scarf | $50
Serena & Lily – Tan Moroccan Leather Pouf | $450
Bose – SoundDock Portable Digital Music System | $400
Jonathan Adler – Letter Pillow | $110
Pendleton Blanket | $275
Restoration Hardware – Exposition Quad-Loop Filament Bulb | $15
Spartan – Field Notes Pocket Notebook | $9
Madewell – Dents Driving Gloves | $75
Madewell – The Leather Transport Tote | $148

Bose | Jonathan Adler | Spartan | Hunter | Madewell
Restoration Hardware | In God We Trust | Serena & Lily

Concrete Clutch

From Ivanka Design Studio… The Concrete Clutch!

It is no secret that concrete is one of my FAVORITE materials. Now I can carry it around with me?! So badass. Sure I have some reservations (weight, durability…) but I think I need to have one of these! Price range from €245 – €345 (roughly $365 – $475) What a conversation starter!! HA!

BY WAY OF Design Milk

For Want of a Boot

I have been bookmarking boots for the past 2 months like a crazy person. I just can’t get enough and have acquired quite the wish list for Fall footwear. If only I had the luxury of spending mucho dinero so that I could obtain my wish list! My FULL list contains more than 30 pairs (ridiculous!) but for this post I narrowed it down to a manageable 21 pairs. Every pair has its own personality and reason for being on the list. Donations are welcome :)