As I have mentioned many times, I love a good dinner party. Delicious food and drink mixed with loved family and friends makes for my FAVORITE time ever. With the weather being somewhat warmer yet quite enjoyable this season, it had me dreaming of dining al fresco. The window of opportunity here in Texas for dining outdoors is short as the cold seems to turn directly into HOT! So you have to be on your toes and prepared to get the party started! Of course I would need a back yard (or a boat!) to pull these off, but one can dream! Some of them are actually rather romantic which seems fitting for this national day of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!

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Austin Happenings

I have stayed put in Austin more recently and it’s been quite entertaining. [Thanks mainly to my friends dragging me around.] Unfortunately one of my dearest friends is moving back to Houston tomorrow. I am excited for her new beginning but am rather sad to lose her presence here in Austin. We have tried to squeeze in as much as we can before she leaves and it has all mainly centered around food + drinks. HA! We would be GREAT food critics! I just wish I would have taken more advantage of having such a badass friend in the same city with me!

I have also been celebrating birthdays and going to a few little events. It has been really fun! But instead of babbling on about my January (which we all know I can jabber…) I have added some visual aids. So take a look and then get out there and try new things! Take advantage of what your city has to offer and share it with your favorite people! {Trust me.. the extra carbs are worth it!}

Birthday Shout-Out

Today is my very dear friend’s birthday and I unfortunately missed the festivities this weekend back in Houston. So to make up for my absence I am sending a special shout-out!

We met for the first time our freshman year in high school (’99). I ate lunch at her table but rarely spoke. Ha! Once I got to know her and the others, I couldn’t stop talking and we all became the best of friends. We had our ups and downs but damn if we didn’t have a good time.

College rolled around and we ended up in different cities. While we made new friends, we kept in touch and saw each other every once in a while. After we all graduated from college, we all began moving back to the Houston area and we finally found ourselves back in the same city! We got to hang out more and it was awesome! It didn’t last long though because I ended up having to Austin for work.

Soon after I made the move, she got engaged to her love, Steven. She asked me to be a part of her wedding and from then on it was just like the ol’ days… except a 2.5 hour drive to see one another, not using a clothes iron to straighten our hair, having cocktails more than chocolate milk and yet still being as snarky as ever! After all these years and all the people who have come into my life and left, she has been a constant, even when it was months between conversations. You just don’t find badass friends like this everyday!!

You are an amazing, thoughtful, and exceptional friend to me and one of the most original, inspired and beautiful people I know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!! LOVE YOU! xx


WOW! I can’t believe how long it has been since I have blogged. Work has picked up a bit, which is a good thing, but takes away from my creative juices. I have been just running back and forth between Austin and Houston and spending more precious time with my dear friends and family. Time has just gotten away from me. Also, I have been lacking inspiration a bit due to my stress levels being higher than normal lately. So here are just a few random insights into my past few weeks of running around.

texas renaissance festival. one of my favorite things.

my awesome kitty, Indy [Indiana Jones], hanging out at my parents’ house.

baking my co-worker’s german chocolate birthday cake. think I need to get a REAL mixer already.

racing for the cure in downtown Austin w/ courtney + laurel. yeah, I’m short.

as I head out the door to work. too lazy to get out of bed to say bye.

a REAL buck hanging out in front of a friend’s house. apparently it’s a common occurrence. unreal.

my new favorite drink. obsessed.

a Sunday brunch downtown. loved this! outlet shopping afterwards was tough after all the awesome food + tasty mimosas. good thing we are badasses!

occupy Austin. so tired of this. go away already!

storm rollin’ in on my way back to Houston.

homemade pizza by courtney + myself before the VS fashion show. our six year tradition.

now time for a nap.