Spring Retreat

So you know how you feel after the holidays.. exhausted, full of oh-so-good-but-bad-for-you food and mostly ready to get back to your daily routine? For me, all the traveling around seeing family and friends and going to parties and get togethers for 2 months can get a bit overwhelming and after the first of the year passes I am ready to get back to work, get some structure back in my day, have ‘normal’ eating habits and basically just stay put for one second! Well now that the end of February is almost here, I feel like I have caught my breath and wish I had a place like all the following photos combined to retreat to for an “Adult Spring Break”! [yeah sounds kinda scandalous, I know, but it’s not! I promise…] Anyway, I came across m. elle design via desire to inspire and damn if I didn’t fall head over heels. Each room has its own personality but inevitably answers to an overall design aesthetic that I adore. I just think it’s all rather brilliant! Perfect for a spring retreat!


Unexpected Findings

Sometimes I have a really hard time focusing when searching the interweb. I start in search of outdoor furniture and somewhere along all the clicks I end up reading a hip/hop blog. I guess that is my love/hate relationship with the internet. Although today, my final destination did not fall far from my initial search of wood flooring. I am still not sure how I ended up at Dinesen but I am glad I did. Not only do I dig the wide plank floors (my original search), I totally love the rooms they occupy. Some of the spaces are just a tad TOO white for my taste, but it’s almost like a blank canvas in my mind and I want to fill it with all my favorite things!

Just look at all those lovely lines.

You can live and party all in the same space!! Open floor plan For The Win!

Incorporating some of my favorite older world charm.

Panton S chairs at a long dining table make for great conversation.

Obsessed with this space and want it for my studio.

I just bought a vintage marble chess set at auction for my coffee table and my name starts with an ‘A’. Coincidence?

I’m a Rolling Stone and I really want to paint these walls black.

All photos from Dinesen


I have 6 fragrances that mark certain periods in my life.. (Abercromie 8 – (beginning of high school), RL Romance (end of high school), Chanel Chance(freshman year – college), Eau de Cartier (sophomore year – college), D&G Light Blue (junior/senior years – college), and for the past couple years – D&G The One. They each trigger small flash backs from the times I wore them; it’s crazy! I have been looking for a new fragrance since I feel I am in a new place in my life and I think I might just have found it.

I have been obsessed with this one commercial for DIOR J’ADORE since it first aired. If I am in the other room and I hear the music come on, I rush into the next room to watch it! Ha! It has just captured me I guess. There is this old world feel to it and it is just mesmerizing. I tend to sway in the direction of oriental/floral and I know this scent has been around but after seeing this commercial and how freaking gorgeous Charlize Theron is and all the hustle and bustle and gold and glam and vintage beauty appearances (Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe)… I mean come on!

Christmas Spirit

Even though this has been one of the warmest winters (so far..) I remember having in Texas, I am still very much in the Christmas spirit!! I am decking some halls, I am donning gay apparel… If anything I am trying to make up for the lack of chill in the air! Here are some of my inspiration photos in hopes they might evoke some Christmas cheer for you!!

VIA pinterest.

Oh, sister..

Today is my little sister’s birthday! She is turning 23 and it blows me away! [Mainly because it makes me feel so OLD!] I wish I could be back home to celebrate and make her a badass cake but I will have to wait until this weekend. [baby-step to FOUR O’CLOCK!] My sister is pretty much my best friend and THE funniest person I know. She could have a career as a stand-up comedian… seriously, ask anyone that knows her. You do NOT want to get in a battle of wits with her either.. she WILL destroy you! [It’s pretty awesome..] We usually converse through movie quotes and when teamed up can throw one helluva dinner party. She accepts me with all of my drama and I accept her and her temper. I am so grateful for all of the awesome memories and HI-larious stories we have [and the fact that we get along now!] I honestly could not have asked for a better sister.

You are brilliantly badass and the sweetest sister… [most of the time!]
You are one of the most compassionate, gorgeous and entertaining people I know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!! I LOVE YOU! xx

P.S. You can’t even go to a bookshop without making the front page!

A Christmas Outfit

So this weekend I am off with the family for a Christmas-reunion-type thing out in glorious East Texas. This side of my family is kind of large, a few under 60 people. With any family that size there can be some drama. I won’t dive into the deep, dark secrets [I could write a book…] but there will be a new face or two and the absence of others. Unfortunately the one GREAT absence this year with be my great-grandmother. She passed away earlier this year and this will be my first Christmas, out of all my 26 years, not to celebrate with her. [I wrote a post about this not to long ago, I know…] It just isn’t going to be the same, especially since some of the drama is extra juicy this year! My great-grandmother loved fashion and I definitely need an badass outfit to showcase my superiority enjoy the festivities in… [if you knew the gossip you would not think of me as the bitch I am coming off as!] Soo with that.. here is my Christmas ’11 look. [I know it seems a little all over the place but it just goes to show where my mind is at with all this and the holidays! HAHA!]

Birthday Shout-Out

Today is my very dear friend’s birthday and I unfortunately missed the festivities this weekend back in Houston. So to make up for my absence I am sending a special shout-out!

We met for the first time our freshman year in high school (’99). I ate lunch at her table but rarely spoke. Ha! Once I got to know her and the others, I couldn’t stop talking and we all became the best of friends. We had our ups and downs but damn if we didn’t have a good time.

College rolled around and we ended up in different cities. While we made new friends, we kept in touch and saw each other every once in a while. After we all graduated from college, we all began moving back to the Houston area and we finally found ourselves back in the same city! We got to hang out more and it was awesome! It didn’t last long though because I ended up having to Austin for work.

Soon after I made the move, she got engaged to her love, Steven. She asked me to be a part of her wedding and from then on it was just like the ol’ days… except a 2.5 hour drive to see one another, not using a clothes iron to straighten our hair, having cocktails more than chocolate milk and yet still being as snarky as ever! After all these years and all the people who have come into my life and left, she has been a constant, even when it was months between conversations. You just don’t find badass friends like this everyday!!

You are an amazing, thoughtful, and exceptional friend to me and one of the most original, inspired and beautiful people I know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!! LOVE YOU! xx