I was having a quick sandwich at my desk and popped on over to 20×200 where these prints immediately caught my eye, yet again! I have always been drawn to Eadweard Muybridge’s Animal Locomotion and after a more careful look I really began to become attached to these guys and felt the need to share! I just really like the feel of these and it’s like they were meant to be on my walls.

I am quite fond of the elephant (DUH!), the man with the hat and the horse. I like the exotic cat too. I am rather torn though and am not sure which one(s) to purchase. I need to decide quickly because these limited edition prints are almost SOLD OUT!!


A General Store

I have been trying to finish up my Christmas shopping forever now but I keep stumbling upon new stores and I am just getting lost in the shuffle I guess. This one comes to us from Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY… of course. [I need to get up to Brooklyn ASAP because so many of my favorite shops are up there!]

Brook Farm General Store has a modern take on the traditional New York general store and I just really identify with it. [FYI: They have a great selection for gifts!] Hope you enjoy!

{Disclaimer: I used their awesome product descriptions because I just could not explain them any better myself!}

Savon de Marseille has been made the same way for over eight hundred years. In fact, since 1688, French law has declared that only soaps made according to specific methods may bear the mark “Savon de Marseille.” There are only a few savonneries remaining that still make their soap in this traditional manner. The mixture of pure olive and vegetable oils, alkaline ash from sea plants and Mediterranean seawater must be heated for ten days before being cut into cubes and stamped, and then set out to dry in the sun and wind. Marseille Soap is super gentle and moisturizing, and can be used to wash anything from young faces to delicate laundry items. $12

Classic French canning jars with heavy duty wire spring closures and a super strong rubber gasket. With a wide mouth to allow for easy filling, and a flat lid for stacking. $8 / $11 / $15

A large spool of 100% cotton, unbleached twine. Excellent for cooking, wrapping packages, hanging things, and many other assorted household tasks and crafts. $17

When stored in the freezer, these soapstone cubes keep your beverages cold just like ice, but since they don’t melt, they will never dilute your drink. Can also be heated in the oven to keep hot beverages warm. $29

After just one washing, these woven linen bath towels become twice as soft. After a few more washings, they become positively fluffy. Linen is the most absorbent, breathable natural fiber in the world, and the more you use these towels, the more you break down the fibers, and soon you will not be able to imagine drying off with anything else. $68

A classic black wire woven waste paper bin. Round and slightly wider at the top than the bottom. $45

A luxurious heavy cotton shawl perfect for wearing every day during fall and winter, and even far into the early days of spring. Warm and cozy, this shawl will only get softer and better the more you wear it. Woven in a gorgeous deep grey with cream banding and rich golden stripes with cream fringes. We also love to use ours as a throw blanket when cuddling in front of the fire, or after a long day after a long day playing outside. $85

The Silver Spoon cookbook is to Italy what The Joy of Cooking is to America. It is the cookbook that young married couples and people starting out on their own are given. It is the book that people inherit from their moms and grandmothers; the book that has recipes for every dish imaginable; from basic soups and salads to crostini and pizza and pasta dishes galore, to guinea fowl with truffles baked in a packet, to all sorts of yummy Italian desserts like raspberry semifredo and tiramisu. First published in Italy in 1950, The Silver Spoon contains over 2000 recipes. It includes a glossary of cooking terms, menus from famous Italian chefs, basic instructions for how to make all sorts of sauces, preserves and jellies, as well as wine pairings, cheese suggestions, and almost every other important food and eating related matter you can think of. $45

Materialistic Tuesday

I am having one of those days where I want to buy everything!! (BIG thanks to Madewell!) I think it may be because I have a few rather LARGE purchases in the next few months and therefore have no extra moola to throw around. This happens every time I go into ‘save-save-save’ mode!

My Materialistic Tuesday…

In God We Trust – Sweet Nothing Necklace | $40
The British Stable | $75
Madewell – Curio Cocktail Ring | $22
Arnsdorf SS11 Crystal Pattern iPhone Case | $35
Hunter – Original Wellingtons | $125
Jonathan Adler – Ambien + Xanax Canister | $28 EA.
Madewell – Furry Earmuffs | $40
Madewell – Winter Tale Scarf | $58
Madewell – Wraparound Cape Scarf | $88
Madewell – Plaid Genteman Scarf | $50
Serena & Lily – Tan Moroccan Leather Pouf | $450
Bose – SoundDock Portable Digital Music System | $400
Jonathan Adler – Letter Pillow | $110
Pendleton Blanket | $275
Restoration Hardware – Exposition Quad-Loop Filament Bulb | $15
Spartan – Field Notes Pocket Notebook | $9
Madewell – Dents Driving Gloves | $75
Madewell – The Leather Transport Tote | $148

Bose | Jonathan Adler | Spartan | Hunter | Madewell
Restoration Hardware | In God We Trust | Serena & Lily

FIVE of a Kind

I admit that I can be a slave to brands/labels. I try not to be, honest! Clearly, I would love to own top of the line, but I can’t exactly support that kind of lifestyle. Plus, sometimes it gets to me spending all this money when I can get something just as close for a fraction of the cost. (Be wary though.. you get what you pay for!)

I have been doing quite a bit of online shoe shopping lately and I starting seeing double…triple… There were slight variations from one shoe to the next but when you line them up it was hard to remember who came from where. Take these black peep-toe wedge booties for example. There are slight variations between the shoes (and sometimes the photography can give it away) but they pretty much all make the same statement, right? Why would I pay $800 for a statement that I could make with $30?? (Yes, I am aware of better materials and construction with the higher-end labels but damn!) This is too close of a call.

Can you sort out the hierarchy of this group??

[Hover over the images below to reveal label + price.]

Right Now.

Right Now.

Rag Bone jacket, £415
Vince short sleeve tee, $109
J Brand mid rise skinny jeans, £200
Elizabeth and James platform shoes, $375
Chloé olive handbag, €2.698
Madewell metal jewelry, $65
Dior ‘Diorshow Extase’ Mascara Plum Extase 871 One Size, $28
NARS Pure Matte Lipstick Mascate One Size, $25
essie nail color, sew psyched, $8
Eau Duelle Solid Perfume by diptyque Paris | diptyque Paris, $48

Urban Wednesday

At some point I subscribed to email updates from Urban Outfitters. While I like some of their stuff, I usually just dump the email in the trash and go about my day. This morning I got another update from them and checked it for garbage as I usually do. I trashed all checked emails. My inbox refreshed only to find the UO email sitting back at NO. 1 in my inbox. Weird. So I figured I better check it out since it was SO adamant about sticking around. It was title “Wall to Wall” and intrigued me enough to go check out the rest on their site. I was surprised how many little knick-knacks caught my eye. My style is not as quirky as most of the stuff but I found a jewel here and there. So I gathered my TOP 10 and thought I’d share. Happy Hump Day!!

ONE – Zigzag Printed Rug 5’x7′ | $69
TWO – Palmograph Framed Poster | $32
THREE – Draper Media Console | $249
FOUR – Phone Keys Wallet Rug 2’x3′ | $18
FIVE – That’s What She Said By Justin Wishne & Bryan Nicolas | $13
SIX – Marquee Arrow Light | $199
SEVEN – Elephant Bank | $12
EIGHT – Madeline Chair | $349
NINE – I’m Outdoorsy Pint Glass | 2 for $10
TEN – 100 Ideas That Changed Architecture By Richard Weston | $30