Coco Chanel

Back in 2009 I made a trip to New York to stay with a friend and one night we went to the Paris Theater to see Coco Before Chanel. I freaking ADORED this movie and everything about it. It just created a deeper interest in Coco and her history. So it’s no surprise that when The Coveteur did a piece on the apartment of Coco Chanel, I was ALL over it! I just find it so interesting to see how different people, whether they be icons or not, lived and the spaces they created for themselves. Mademoiselle Chanel definitely created a glamorous space and it was very interesting to see all the little nuances throughout the apartment. Pretty cool… Now I think I’ll go snuggle up on my couch and re-watch Coco Before Chanel.




This weekend is tax free weekend where everyone goes nuts shopping so they may avoid the state tax. I for one, dislike this weekend and would pay double the tax to avoid the ignorance running ramped out there for the next two days. So I have decided to hole up in my apartment during the day and catch up on all my design magazines and watch movies.

I just finished watching one of my FAVORITE movies, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. I adore this movie for multiple reasons… based on a crazy true story, Leonardo DiCaprio, the suits, Tom Hanks, the 1960s, Christopher Walken and PAN AM.

This reminded me of the new PAN AM show that is premiering this fall. I saw the first trailer for this show in theaters a few months ago and am eager to dive right into the show which stars Christina Ricci. She has been a favorite of mine since Casper and Now and Then back in 1995. I think she would be cast as me if there ever were a movie of my life. HA! Anyway, I just hope the show does not disappoint because my hopes are held high right now. *fingers crossed*

Also I think that if I am to do something for Halloween this year, I will probably be a PAN AM stewardess with 1960s hair and try not to “over-slut” the overall look! I mean, I already have a vintage PAN AM travel bag so why the hell not! I just hope it does not become watered down by the time October 31st rolls around where there are tons of trampy PAN AM stewardesses running around!!

Handsome Daguerreotype.

I am a HUGE history buff and I tend to believe that I was born in the wrong era. Well to be completely honest, there are about 20 different lives in 20 different time periods I want to live in. So I guess it’s not that I was born in the “wrong” era, I just wish I could have experienced SO many of the other time periods. So it should come as no surprise that when I came across this blog, I immediately ADORED it! It’s good to know that if I were to have lived during the days of early photography, I would have had some sexy men to swoon over!! Check out these dashing men from the days of old…

One of the first successful photographs of a human… and that’s one damn sexy human!

My boyfriend disagrees with you vehemently before taking you behind the garden shed.

A young Mel Gibson with a little Russell Crowe and a few hints of Hugh Jackman make for one good lookin’ dentist!

Male model or Irish political prisoner??

Jake Gyllenhaal?! Wait.. no.. Just a convicted thief in the 1870s. Such a bad boy!

An Australian boxer that’s apparently good with his hands.. Sign me up!

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My Daguerreotype Boyfriend.
Thanks for the distraction!